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Multimodal Artificial Intelligence Solutions

What we do

Develop advanced analytic solutions that assist decisions, leveraging multimodal data sources.

Facilitate automation, optimization, and provide accurate predictions for decision making.

Help organizations in highly competitive domains be more efficient and profitable.

Bring the best scientific practice at the core of  your successful projects.


We dissect your domain and operations; identifying your most impactful problems.

We are creative to translate those problems into analytical formulations we can act upon together.


We develop the best solution for your case: we are model and tool agnostic.

What matters is the validation framework, and how we evaluate the solution impact at all times.


We provide you with everything needed to ensure solution operation and knowledge transfer are successful.

Solution deployment is key to ensure long-term impact.

Our analytic solutions are based on machine learning, advanced statistics, data engineering, and AI.

Simplification and Insights

Extract interpretable insights from complex datasets to inform your operations.

Predictive and Prescriptive

Predictive modeling and multiple scenario simulations to assist you in decision-making.

Automation and Optimization

Maximize your process efficiency.

Algorithm Audit

Audit existing solutions and obtain fair estimates of their actual impact they have in your operations.

We believe in collaborative work and value your input as domain experts. It all starts with a contact.

Our Team

We are experienced Data Scientists with particle physics PhD backgrounds. We have worked in the past both for leading-edge research institutions (CERN, University of Oxford, University of Heidelberg), and in projects for private and public organizations in sectors such as Sports Performance, Health, Supply Chain, International development and Security.

We make use of our scientific background to provide solutions that are evidence-based. We thrill working with large data sets, heterogeneous, with constraints and limitations. We always find the best way to combine those and extract useful insights for you.

We are hiring!

We breathe Science, hypothesis testing is our backbone.

Partners and Collaborators