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Our Values and Background

We are experienced data scientists with particle physics PhD backgrounds. We have worked both for leading-edge research institutions (CERN, University of Oxford, University of Heidelberg) and in projects for both public and private organizations.

We make use of our scientific background to provide solutions that are evidence-based. We thrill working with large data sets, heterogeneous, with constraints and limitations. We find the way to combine those and extract useful insights for you.

People first

We place people’s well being above everything else. This includes everyone we interact with directly: from our own team, to our partners, clients; and also everyone potentially impacted by the output of what we develop.

Science, reproducibility and replicability

Flawed solutions are not only useless, but a real hazard to decision making. We believe that scientific rigor and validation frameworks suited to ensure true statistical learning are at the core of successful projects. Our solutions are evidence-based, we never compromise scientific integrity. We believe impact is real only when it is properly measured.

Domain Expertise

Context is key to design functional end-to-end solutions that aim to have an impact. While we are deep into scientific development and advanced analytics, we believe domain experts in each field have the knowledge and comprehensive vision of the developments related to their fields. That is an invaluable asset we aim to assist, but never to replace. We believe on teamwork and collaborative frameworks.


Juan Gonzalez Fraile PhD

I am a researcher and data scientist passionate about getting insights from data, through its mathematical modeling and statistical interpretation. I work to uncover patterns and build data-driven solutions to assist in decision making processes. Together with the team, I am always eager to push our knowledge in unexplored directions.

We are a Spanish-Swiss company, with a profound international spirit, used to collaborate across borders as a way of living. If we are not travelling to learn first hand about the field operations in a client site; or attending an international conference; you will most probably find us in the heart of Europe, Geneva; and somewhere between sunny Barcelona, and one of the gems of the Mediterranean, Menorca.