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Medical Accelerator Data Science

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Particle accelerators have a direct impact on society through several of their applications in medicine. With the advancement of accelerator science, new techniques for the treatment of cancer and diagnosis of various diseases have provided major steps forward in healthcare during the last decades. But particle accelerators are hi-tech machines with a challenging operation. In this post, we describe how Data Science solutions help automating their operation and optimizing the performance of such fascinating facilities.

Training for a reward

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Reinforcement Learning is rapidly progressing. Every other day, new applications across domains are developed. At PickleTech we closely follow the progress of reinforcement learning techniques, researching, and being ready to apply them when beneficial for a project. We have already implemented them in the field of particle accelerators.  Last week, we were invited to give a seminar at the Physics Department at the University of Oxford to talk about it. Now, we exploit its impact in the fields of Health and Sports.