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Training for a reward

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Reinforcement Learning is rapidly progressing. Every other day, new applications across domains are developed. At PickleTech we closely follow the progress of reinforcement learning techniques, researching, and being ready to apply them when beneficial for a project. We have already implemented them in the field of particle accelerators.  Last week, we were invited to give a seminar at the Physics Department at the University of Oxford to talk about it. Now, we exploit its impact in the fields of Health and Sports.

The importance of stress testing

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As scientists we are used to performing tests on pretty much everything we do. Usually, those are hypothesis tests involving statistics, modeling and data. But recently, we experimented with another type, an exercise stress test. A medically controlled assessment where you push your physical activity close to your maximum, and check how your body responds. Have we pushed too far on the experiment driven way of life?

Powered by Data,
Driven by Science

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At PickleTech we are born to provide Data Science services that help domain experts solve impactful problems in fields such as Health, Sports Performance, Supply Chain and Mobility. We describe the current context in data science solution development, the challenges we face, and our motivations and core philosophy at PickleTech.