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Data Science Cycling Echelons

The Drag Side of the Moon

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At PickleTech we thrill when two -apparently- separate projects end up connected in some way. And when the reason is related to Physics, writing about it becomes an imperative. Do you know what connects a Tour de France stage with the management of a constellation of satellites?

Aerodynamic drag heavily impacts both cycling and low Earth orbit satellites. Estimating drag with precision and integrating it on complex operational strategies are key to their success. Data Science is contributing to optimize such complex challenges with the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques.

Data Science in Space: ready for launch!

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Mix Space Exploration with Artificial Intelligence and you already have the plot for a science-fiction story. But reality may not be that far away from this picture as we might think. In this post we write about actual applications of Data Science in Space: from satellite data applications to already existing solutions for satellite operations and space mission assistants.