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We have experience leading projects in sectors such as: Sports Performance, Health, Supply Chain, International development and Security, and High Energy Physics. The variety of fields and problems we have faced are the foundation of our business acumen.


Diagnosis Systems; Real World Data and wearables; Genomics and other omic data; personalized solutions; clinical trials; NLP to structure EHR data; operational planning and many more. We have completed projects targeting:

Machine Learning for Medical Devices

Automated diagnosis solution for speech patterns (including Algorithm Audit)

Recommendation systems to plan operations and sales strategies


Multimodal data sources and Sportstech; Injury prevention and reduction of time to play; maximize performance and training plans; optimal competition strategies; player value modeling and scouting; sports analytics. We have completed projects targeting:

Algorithm Audit and development of Injury Prevention systems

Prescriptive solution for performance maximization in competition

Player valorization based on event tracking data


Predictive maintenance; route planning; crowd flow; trajectory prediction; logistics. We have completed projects targeting:

Object detection in satellite images


All our projects involve a high tech component, from data acquisition to delivery systems. Involving everything digital, from wearables to IoT; from images to text. We have completed projects targeting:

Search for new physics signals at collider facilities

Supply Chain

NLP automated customer systems; predictive demand; next best action systems. We have completed projects targeting:

Several automated solutions for text classification

Next best action recommendation

Experienced in highly competitive domains

Projects developed for leading-edge research institutions (CERN, Oxford, Heidelberg), and private organizations, including a global top 20 pharma company, a global Fortune 50 computing OEM, or an intergovernmental organization with around 200 member estates.