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We develop crafted solutions powered by a wide range of algorithms, from data engineering and ETL, to Deep Learning models; throughout a wide spectrum of Artificial Intelligence techniques.

Simplification and Insights

Extract interpretable insights combining all relevant datasets that inform your operations. Regardless of how complex your context is, and how large, heterogeneous or constrained the data sets are. We always find the best way to combine those to your benefit.

Predictive and Prescriptive

Combine predictive modeling together with the simulation of multiple possible scenarios. Prescriptive modeling is suited to assist you in decision-making processes.

Automation and Optimization

Maximize your process efficiency. Succeed finding the best strategy to balance minimum costs with maximum revenue.

Algorithm Audit

Audit existing solutions and obtain fair estimates of their actual impact in your operations. Detect potential bias, estimate the error and performance metrics on real data, and understand the algorithm logic.

How we do it

We craft the solutions in close collaboration with you, the domain experts. It enables us to dive deeply into the project context, understand your needs, the available data sources; and all the details to develop a solution with the maximum impact.

Hypothesis Testing

The same statistical theorems applied to probe theories at the LHC, back up solutions that find patterns in genomic data; or that measure the impact of strategies in your supply chain. We breathe science, hypothesis testing is the backbone.

Interpretable Systems

Solutions are only useful as long as the domain experts they assist trust and understand their logic. We implement methods to ensure the transparency of algorithm decision processes.

Machine Learning and Validation Frameworks

Numerical records, images and computer vision, NLP and text, time series, networks and graphs, and/or IoT. We know how to implement algorithms, and more important, what statistical learning means. We have the conceptual knowledge to craft models for your problem and data.

Time Series

They are at the core of many applications, and yet the techniques that power their analysis are heavily undervalued.

Prescriptive Models

We exploit predictive modeling and the efficient simulation of scenarios to find which are the optimal strategies and decisions for your context.

Research and Innovation

It is where we come from. Combining data sources, devising new frameworks, creating innovative solutions, always with a skeptical view towards ourselves and everything.

Our data science project methodology

Introductory Workshop

  • 1-2 sessions.
  • Introduction to Data Science core concepts.
  • Cooperative activity to identify key business problems and data science opportunities in your organization.

Exploration Phase

  • Context study to capture the relevant information of your domain and operations.
  • Solution design proposal were we frame the relevant questions that impact your operations, and propose a solution.

Solution Development

  • Time frame dependent on project complexity (2-4 months).
  • Continued collaboration with domain experts.
  • Crafted to your problem and your needs.

Knowledge Transfer

  • Continued knowledge transfer activities to ensure alignment and a long lasting solution.
  • High quality delivery in the agreed solution formats.